Dhillon School of Business Rep - Ismael Nieto

My name is Ismael Nieto. I am an international student from Mexico with a major in General Management and minors in supply chain and marketing. I am in my fourth year of University out of five. I have tried to get involved with the University as much as possible because I firmly believe that classes and textbooks only compose a fraction of my educational experience. Interactions with the professors, fellow students and community members are as vital as academics to acquiring skills to succeed in the ever-changing global environment.  

I did the IME program as well which has improved my public speaking, negotiation, fundraising, and teamwork skills. Through these experiences, I have come to understand the challenges that are faced by students and faculty to build the best management experience possible. This I intend to use to serve the student community to the best of my abilities.

I want to build rapport with faculty officials and students as well as create a small council of the executives of clubs under the Dhillon School of Business umbrella such as the Accounting Club, MSS, Abs & Money, and the IME team to find innovative ways to best advocate for students and find win-win solutions with Faculty. 

Contact Ismael Nieto

Email: i.nietocampos@uleth.ca

GA Reports 2019-2020 - DSB Rep - Ismael