Club Membership

Club membership is open to all full-time and part-time students attending the University of Lethbridge, all professors, staff and the community. 

Starting a Club

You may download the Club Handbook, it is a valuable resource which includes: Creating a Club, Secrets of Success, Club Funding, Meetings, Alcohol Policy, Club Rooms, and Forms.

Benefits of Being a Ratified Club

  • May book the Atrium &/or a table on the 2nd level of The Students' Union building at no cost.
  • Be involved in Club events.
  • Interact with other clubs on campus through activities and meetings.
  • May qualify for a Start-up &/or Club Grant.
  • Fundraising opportunities.
  • Booking of the SU Ballroom, Club room and SU Council Chambers free.
  • Input into Students' Union affairs through Clubs Council.
  • Club exposure through pamphlets, SU website, and the Students' Union
    Handbook etc.
  • Club exposure and a good time through Rush Week.

Contact the VP Student Affairs at at or phone 403-329-5155, if you have any questions.